👑 So you’ve been crowned maid of honor! 👑

Now, it’s time to plan the bachelorette party with the bride!

This article hits on the following in this order:

  • Location
  • App or calendar planning help
  • Fun activity options
  • Scheduling
  • Being prepared for your bride
  • Stripper Do’s and Don'ts
  • How to ask about the bride about a stripper
  • Budgeting
  • My personal cost as moh at a recent bachelorette party (oh yes, I give the deets)

Recently, I was bestowed the maid of honor to my bestie for life, Brandi. We have literally known each other since she was born currently live in different states, but we have always made thing work.

First things first- LOCATION
Figure out the location for the party with the bride. Whether it’s at her home, one of the bridesmaids', in the same or different town/city... At first the bride had wanted a snowy bachelorette party, and tbh I’m so glad she changed her mind and decided on Destin, Fl! Planning a snowy bachelorette party is HARD.


Destin, FL was a great choice for my BFF's recent party, because it was...

  • Central to all of the bridesmaids
  • Affordable
  • Had plenty of entertainment options

These are definitely top priority when choosing the location.


This ain’t paid advertising lol. (Oh lord, I’m saying ain’t a lot now since we went to Destin lol.) But the Bach App had everything I needed.

When I first started planning the party weekend, I was getting to the point where I needed a document or a calendar created to help me stay organized and share options with the bride and bridesmaids. This app basically had what I was looking for. Part of me wishes the payment and expenses were easier for the bridesmaids within the Bach App. But it had the majority of really what I needed.

  • A fun way to connect all of the bridesmaids together privately
  • An itinerary option with actual photo options for the location possibilities - I guess it’s connected to google maps? Idk but it’s connected to where you can literally find a provided photo option for the exact hotel you are staying at. Might not have everywhere, but it definitely had our place in Destin.
  • A chat/ photo share which is great for parties with mixed phones. That way if someone with an iPhone shares with a droid or other phone, it won’t be pixelated from the texting space of the phone.
  • Polls polls polls. So I really like trying to accommodate everyone, and having a poll helps you get the general consensus; and helps others know what the majority wants too. You can’t exactly do more than one at once but you can close and start a new one.

So after figuring out location and seeing who in the group had any connections on lodging, it was time to start planning the activities!


Some general fun activities for a bachelorette party include:

  • A night out in the town (make sure to pre-plan safe transportation)
  • Spa day
  • Water sport rentals - from as leisurely as a boat ride and sandbar visit to as exciting as jet skis.
  • Stripper - check with the bride and bridal party first ! I have more to say on this topic later in this article.
  • Sleepover/veg out/face masks
  • Brunch
  • Painting byob party
  • Arcade/go karts
  • Amusement park visit
  • Drag show
  • Sex toy party
  • Glamorous group photo shoot (think the Kardashians)
  • Psychic readings
  • Mission trips - charitable work

The possibilities are endless! That’s why I love utilizing polls to see what the majority would like to do. The bride has final say of course though!


Everyone’s schedule can be different depending on if the gathering will be at night, on a weekend, or an entire week trip. Here is how I scheduled a long weekend for Brandi's Bachelorette Party. Don't get stressed, it's actually pretty simple ;)

When planning the weekend I made sure to add enough time to decorate the location, and for all of the bridal party to meet up and settle in. We chose Friday for our arrival. People drove, and flew in - don’t forget to plan how to get folks from the airport! For us, I had it scheduled to where we had nothing but grocery shopping, decorating, and drinking (getting the party started) planned until about dinner time. Make sure to have munchies too!

Then the only major event planned for the evening was eating dinner at the brides choice of place and then hitting up an entertainment spot. She chose coyote ugly!
*Please note that not all bars or clubs start early. Try to find out about the area you are visiting so that you can be out when it is the most poppin. Or out when it’s less crowded if the bride prefers.

Our Saturday consisted of:

  • Quick and easy breakfast
  • Crab island key boat visit with snacks and booze and beer pong

  • Spa massages
  • Dinner
  • Surprise stripper (we will get back to this)

Our Sunday consisted of:

  • Quick and easy breakfast and lunch while everyone prepared to travel home


One of the best most impressive things you can do is always be prepared. If you really want to be extra, be prepared to even take care of overzealous drunk bridesmaids lol

Have tums/antacids, have tampons, have cash on hand, have hair ties, etc. If you are doing custom personalized bridesmaid gifts, it is always smart to buy some flip flops or flats for everyone. Make sure there’s always a ride, a DD designated driver, or a safe hired driver.

Surprise STRIPPER visit DO'S and DON'TS


  • Do ask permission somehow first
  • Look into whatever site’s reviews etc, or try to get a recommendation
  • Choose a stripper the bride would like over everyone else.
  • Make sure everyone has a lotttttt of $1’s
  • Try to plan it when everyone isn't exhausted. I should have had the stripper come Friday instead of Saturday lol. People were more tired from the boat than the travel the day before.


  • Don’t do not forget those 1’s lol. For real, you can never have enough because the stripper sometimes picks them up between “sets” or “games”.
  • Do not against the brides wishes. Just don’t. Why make it awkward?
  • Do not have a messy space while the guest dancer is there.
  • Do not tell your stripper (or stripper company) your room number until they are literally on the way. They know a bunch of people are partying - everyone needs to be safe from burglary among other things.
  • Do not have high expectations, especially if you can’t find a site with reviews.
    The stripper we had arrived with his own music and music box, a little disco light, the outfit of our choice, extra props for the dances (like ties and tiny vibrators). The stripper needed a private space to change. Room to dance, and a chair.

How to ask the bride about having a stripper:

So basically, I immediately asked the bride wayyyyyyy back when we were choosing the location:

“Would you and your boo be ok if you had a surprise stripper?”

Kept it super casual and quick and didn’t dwell on it lol. After we discussed, I never once brought it up to her again. That way, it would actually be a surprise.
But some of our bridesmaids were married and some barely even knew me and had never met me. So in a separate group message ***making sure the bride was not in the message **** I asked everyone if they were cool with a stripper and if they wanted to split the cost... Majority were super excited and wanted one so bad lol it was funny af. Give the bridesmaids time to answer, so nothing becomes awkward or a downer. Make sure you private message whomever may be uncomfortable or unsure of the idea- that way they are not peer pressured in the group chat. I had a motto:

"If one bridesmaid isn’t cool with it, then we ain’t doing it.

During the visit from our entertainer (lol) everyone ended up having a blast! We even had a mom and an aunt there too! Do not be surprised if your stripper calls out sick though. Shit frikin actually happens. Despite the mishaps, it was absolutely a worthwhile experience.


Alright, soooo I’m just gonna be honest. I wanted to save up $1.5k for the party and this is why:

  • Flight - I had to fly in from somewhere else
  • Lodging
  • Decorations, I wanted to go all out
  • My own food, drink and snacks
  • The entertainment

I personally did not need to worry about transportation outside of the flight. My boyfriend dropped me off at the airport and Brandi picked me up and dropped me off when I needed to go home. Some of the girls had cars. Parking was included in our lodging cost so we didn’t have to worry about that. (Destin doesn’t have a lot of paid parking, so it’s pretty affordable in that regard.)

️If I had money to blow more extravagantly, I would have even hired a professional event decorator and a chef lmao. Plus limos etc. Sooooooo I think I did pretty good in the DIY boujee on a budget price range. What I saved and spent is not mandatory. I found out later on, that decorations can be split with the bridal party fyi.

My Personal Cost recently as the MOH

Decorations and party favors: $514

I had them shipped to the brides house cause she was driving- that way I didn’t have to worry about baggage on the plane. This includes helium too for the balloons.

Lodging happened to only be: $35

Because Brandi had gotten the place for free but we needed to split a cleaning fee (score!)

Flight: $330

Food: $173

This includes my own snacks or contributing snacks, lunch Friday, dinner and drinks Friday, Saturday breakfast split with the girls, Saturday drinks and snacks split with the girls(split at the grocery store on Friday), Saturday dinner and drinks, Sunday breakfast, Sunday lunch

Entertainment: $387

This included more drinking money, a crab island boat tour ($53.13 when split evenly), spa ($120 +20% gratuity), stripper (main cost and tips), plus possible souvenirs purchased in Destin.

Total cost: $1439.00

The Bachelorette Party was a success! And I was able to stay in budget!! Probably because I was going to fill more balloons then I ended up doing lol

Please check back for a post about the bridal party gifts and decorations! I'll be listing each item with the cost.

Happy planning!!

xo Starlight