Happy Fall Y'all!!

Here is my first try at chocolate covered oreos! Don't make the same mistakes that I did! lol

It is officially October, one of my favorite times of year! Not gonna lie, I started decorating for Halloween in September. Maybe holiday decorating has gotten more anticipated and popular due to the pandemic lol

So you want to make a fun interactive treat?

Chocolate covered oreos are easy and fun!

All it takes is preparation and a few ingredients. They can be gluten free, and they can be fun to decorate with kids!


Here is the complete list of what you will need!

  • Oreos (double stuffed is best)
  • Melting Chocolate
  • Double boiler
  • Candy or heat thermometer
  • Silicone mold
  • Several piping bags
  • Several piping tips, sized 2 or 3
  • Gel food coloring
  • Some bowls and utensils for mixing up the different colors
  • Eyeball sprinkles, and any other festive Halloween sprinkles

In order to accomplish the popular perfectly coated oreos, you will need a silicone mold! Here is a link to what I have from Amazon!

chocolate candy mold

STEP 1: Melt the Chocolate

To temper or not to temper the chocolate? Well, if you do not mind a possibly melty oreo in your hands, don't worry about it! Even Edible Arrangement's chocolate melts in your hands lol! But if you want to be a little more professional, you will need a candy thermometer. And since I am a klutz, I actually accidentally broke mine in the pot last year when trying to make the chocolate hearts lol. So here is the one I would recommend as a fail safe that can also be used for other things! Cool af, right?!

chocolate thermometer

Here is a fantastic description of how to temper chocolate, as noted from Tessa's Blog.

  • After tempering the chocolate, use a toothpick to add gel food coloring. Before pouring, plan out which and how many of what color will be in each mold as the base. I separated and double boiled different bowls of melting chocolate and colored each. For these, I made green, white, orange, and then purple/green mixed.
  • Pour the chocolate 1/4 way into the mold and add your oreo. This can be gluten free if you purchase the right chocolate and oreos!

The Jackolanterns I made have a little luster glitter on them. I added the dust with a big fluffy makeup brush to the mold before pouring in the chocolate. That way, the dust will sort of stick more to the chocolate than your hands later lol

luster dust

Important TIP: After pouring in the first layer of chocolate and placing the oreo, let the cookies rest/set in the chocolate before pouring on the final bottom layer. You can place them into the fridge while you fill the others. Yes, this can be a little annoying if you are impatient like me lol. But the reason is, that the oreo tends to float in the chocolate and you want to try and have the oreo secured in the center and not at the very top/bottom.

  • Now you can add the final layer of chocolate to the molds. Scrape off the top, wiggle it a little if there are any bubbles. You do not necessarily need to put it into the fridge to chill if you tempered the chocolate, but it is always helpful in speeding up the process.
  • Let these sit for at least 30-60 minutes before decorating.

Time to Decorate!

Chocolate covered oreos can be decorated with either melted chocolate, or royal icing. Icing is safer for kids to play with.

I tried the Wilton pre-made royal icing, but I believe it sets shiny and I was hoping for matte. So I would recommend using melted chocolate or home made royal icing for the decorations. My icing was not perfect, but everything is trial and error.

  • Before decorating, I drew out and planned what each cookie would look like. I also wrote down the colors needed. My most prominent color needed was going to be black.
  • Spread out and fill your piping bags with each color you need. If you know you need more of one, plan accordingly. The colors I used were:  white/plain, black, pink, red, and green. I had eyeball sprinkles ready on the side!

I used a wilton tip size number 3. Here is an amazing beginner's sweet "decorating tool set" that I would recommend anyone to buy!

decorating tool set

Tip 1: If possible, buy multiple of the same sized piping tips so that you do not have to change and clean them out every-time.

Tip 2: If you are only using a small amount of icing, you can trim your plastic piping bag before you fill it to make things a little easier.

Tip 3: If you do decide to use store bought royal icing straight out of the container, add a tiny bit of a water to each color. The icing is too thick and won't spread. Straight out of the container could work for thick lines, but you will still need to add water when filling in eyes etc. As you can see, I didn't with the black, I just went straight for it so the eyes on Jack look all dimply because the icing was too thick and dry. If I would have outlined and then filled with a thinner icing, I could have made better looking eyes on Jack.

Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos for Beginners

There you have it folks! What I learned when trying to make Halloween chocolate covered oreos for the first time. Hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to drop a comment below!

XO Starlight