My friends had decided the group Halloween costume for the year would be mermaids. A Pirate festival was coming to town so it was perfect! Here is a guide to what I created. Starting with the crown, to the choker/shoulder pads, to the makeup.


I wanted to try and create a really cool crown, like these pictures below. But it seemed more difficult to find the perfect shells, and -as always- I am on a time crunch. So I ran to Michaels with my besties and started looking for supplies.

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Feb 13, 2018 - 156 Likes, 5 Comments - Wild Goddess Magick (@wildgoddessmagick) on Instagram: “Wow! I love this by @chelseasflowercrowns it’s stunning!!! Perfect for a sea witch or mermaid …”

I had decided the quickest, easiest, most cost effective crown to make would be a "Beyonce" style Halo Crown. All you need to purchase are the following:

  • A head band, can be from the dollar store
  • Long zip ties, similar thickness but different lengths
  • Hot glue
  • Gold Spray paint, can be metallic or sparkly
  • Mod Podge and glitter
Halo Crown Sunburst Crown Customizable | Etsy | Sunburst, Headpiece diy, Headpiece
Feb 24, 2020 - Sunburst Halo Crown/Headpiece! This crown adds shine with a burst of sun to a costume or outfit, with a modern twist on iconic imagery! Crown is made of sturdy, thick plastic zip ties attached to a simple metal band and comes in either silver or antique gold Above pictured crown is …

For the crown I used extra large and large zip ties. I have seen some people use kabob sticks but it seems way more dangerous lol, and I am glad I didn't because people still needed to dodge the zip ties. For the zip ties, I would recommend doing at least three different sizes, I only did two cause it was my first time. I also trimmed some zip ties with a scissor when they were too long. Trimming a triangular tip to the pieces I had cut.

Now I will say, that it is best to spray paint everything gold and let it dry first for the perfect result. But "no time Alex" decided to just zip it and paint it when done lol. Make sure all of the zip ties are put on facing the same direction. Try to map out where and what order you would like to do of the different sizes. Measure the headband and mark the center point on the headband. Start from there and then get to work! After the headband was zipped up, I used hot glue to try and secure the ties because they still flail around on the headband. Once the crown was assembled and gold, I put some mod podge and gold glitter along the tips (in a painting stroke fashion). And that’s it, super easy! So many of my friends were trying to steal it. To be honest someone else really did end up with it lol. No idea of who.

Choker/Shoulder Pads

For this combo you will need the following items:

Now for the choker, I had some extra lace test fabric pieces (I had previously for a Steampunk costume). They were black so I spray painted them gold. You can still see some black through it, it will never get perfectly gold lol but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do and black just wouldn't do. If you can find another color that better fits the theme of your costume, for sure do it to make it look more professional. Spray painting the black lace gold did give it a different texture though that reminded me of armor, so that worked out. Just measure it out, and sew together or safety pin. You can hot glue but you will need to have a separate piece of fabric between the lace and your skin so that you do not burn yourself.

Now I wanted soldier/royal shoulder pads. Where the hell was I going to find something around the house to use as shoulder pads. The guys didn’t have any actual pads. I didn't have extra pads from bathing suits. Welp, so I grabbed cardboard lol diy ftw. Placing them on your shoulders or someone else will help you be able to measure out the shape with a marker. After cutting the two pieces of cardboard, I spray painted them gold as well. Lol Meanwhile my friends are running around trying to create their own costumes too. One friend had made sea shell shoes. One was going to be Aquaman. We all wanted to make it ourselves as much as possible. Once I got the gold shoulder pads, I started hot glueing on a variety of shells onto the cardboard, filling the little hole spaces after with small multi sized crystals. You can find a shell variety pack and crystals at Michaels.

For the pearl strands, I used fishing line. I eyeball measured the length between the two pads. If you have a mannequin or person to hold still for you, this will help greatly. I started putting beads on the strands of string. Sticking to a pattern of size. Once done I tried to hold it up, while wearing the pads, to see if I liked the length it ended on my chest or back. Then I made a few more strings under or above that. I hot glued the string to the shoulder pad cardboard under the shells. Sometimes using a shell if necessary. This is super ghetto but it works. Glue the pads to reach the choker. Then voila! A choker and pads lol.


The day of the festival had arrived, time to wear my costume for the first time. Time to experiment with makeup. I made sure to give myself four hours to get ready cause I love deciding what looks best as I go. Holding onto several pics from instagram or pinterest of inspiration. This is a list with some links of what I purchased and used:

When putting on makeup, I started with the basics first. So I put on my moisturizer, foundation, I skip primer, I use some bronzer and blush. With the halloween fish scale stencils, I tried to cut them into a natural shape to frame around my eyes. Pull out my morphe 35b palette (the James Charles one is similar) and just go crazy with the stencils and a blush brush. Alllll over the top of my face I just went ham lol starting with dark colors and then working out or inward to light colors like a gradient. I stuck to purples, pinks and then hints of turquoise. Went over with highlighter after. Dabbled some eyelash glue on certain parts of the scales and added body glitter from Claires. Cut out some of the crystal dots from the head and chest stickers and put them around my eyes. Did eyeliner, lashes, mascara, eyebrows, and then just face powdered like crazy cause Florida is hot and humid.

Now it’s time for the stickers! I put on the head piece once the makeup was done because of the clear tape. Then I realized I should do something to my chest with makeup before the sticker. So around my collar bone, I did some pearl highlighter and did some on my arms, skipping the shoulders cause of the pads.

The Skirt and Bra

Found this skirt online, and the top is a twist bandeau bathing suit top from Target. I stayed monochrome and matched the sets! For shoes, I just wore flip flops for comfort since we were walking a lot.

Hope you enjoyed this costume!!! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you would like to see more diy costumes.

XO Starlight