Are you looking to build a large adult sized - blanket fort?


Then this post is for you!

Here is the most popular themed party I have ever had to date!

It was a really really crappy year, like probably top 2 in my life. And I needed something to lighten the mood for my birthday.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always reminisce on the blanket forts my brothers and friends used to build with me. From utilizing the dining table, to scoring a giant box from the parents.


But we were small enough to comfortably fit under a dining table back then. So I had researched adult blanket fort or epic blanket fort and had only found - a guy that did it with boxes cut out, and some cute teepees on pinterest. So I thought to myself that it would be dope to do a massive circus tent shell.

• No cardboard

• No stacked chairs

Everything was an experiment with this fort so I ended up going back and forth to the store many times. But I tried to still keep it budget friendly and only went to Walmart, the Dollar Tree, Amazon and Five and Below.


So I tied up some string from my staircase to the ceiling fan - to the parallel wall.

I purchased a yarn roll from Walmart as well as a few clothing clips. I threw queen sized white sheets over the string, and used safety pins and clothing pins to keep them attached. Trying my best to overlap and create a nice canopy leading to the center ceiling fan. Whatever architecture I could do without actually having to draw and measure things out lol.

Then I faced my two couches parallel inward, and used them as sort of the barrier or wall. I squeezed skinny pvc pipe between the edge cushions, and from the canopy string I hung up a queen sheet. Attaching to the pvc to help cover up the couches. By the TV, I created almost a stage drape with purple sheets and pinned stars that I cut out of iridescent construction paper.


The entrance was a last minute add on that my ex thought of. We put up a small white tent awning you can buy at Walmart (a bit of a cheat but hey, it makes it look more luxurious). I added twin white sheets around the walls to create a tunnel. Then, I got a bunch of dollar store balloons and filled up the inside. Choosing of course only pinks and pastels and metallics. I left the strings on the balloons to give it a fringe entrance feel. Rimmed the inside of the awning with a smart led rope light that can change color. RGB with a remote, also from Walmart.

I purchased two of the rose gold/iridescent backdrops off Amazon.

Found a pink rug to put on the floor to keep things comfy and give another texture to the entrance. Also, I happened to have a cute Christmas inflatable unicorn, so I placed that at the entrance.

At Five and Below, I was able to find some great unicorn party signs so I placed that on the front of the overall fort. Also had a pack of Dollar Tree white balloons, so I filled them up without helium and placed them all over the floor on the outside of the fort to make it look more mystical and in the clouds. Tip: In order to keep the balloons from moving, I had to tape the front row of balloons to the floor with some scotch tape.


The first thing I like to do with a blank canvas is shower it in colored light bulbs fitting to the theme. I love Hue lights. There are off brand smart bulbs but they don't connect as well to the Hue hub.

We gotta set the scene and create a mood, so then I turned down the ac to keep it chilly. Something to the temperature I would want in a thick onesie pajama outfit. This was going to be the most perfect sleepover ever.

From Amazon, I bought a few more iridescent and rose gold backdrops and put them across the main back wall between the couches. Curtain lights look adorable, so I placed some over the backdrop. Found a Happy Birthday inflatable sign off Amazon and hung that up as well. Everything, and I mean everything, needed to be colored towards the theme.

Last second I added some fairy lights along the middle through the safety pins, and I attempted a balloon wall. It was my first time making one and it was to fill up this blank space area by the TV. So let's not talk about that flub, but hey it still looked cute.


Five people total were going to be sleeping in this epic blanket fort. So I needed to accommodate that. Luckily my couches are pretty long so I set them up with sheets, pillows and throw blankets. Between the couches I had this massive empty space. Not a terrible problem to have for five adults. So I grabbed two Queen sized inflatable mattresses and aligned them in the middle. The back air mattress is actually this awesome double stacked height mattress I got from Walmart. It is soooooooo high quality. Comes with a built in pump, and it is strong against pets cause I have a dog and cat. Legit, not gonna lie, I slept on this when I first moved into that house and it was amazing. The other mattress was regular sized, but I loved that it gave the fort more dimension and got everyone closer to the TV.

Five and Below has extra girly throw pillows for $5, so I loaded up and also bought this loud rainbow zebra body pillow from Walmart. I left walking space between the couches and mattress to keep us tall people not too cramped lol. Lined the floor with sheets and my pink yoga mat. I also happened to have two fur throws from Ross that I use for Christmas. So I placed them where possible. Note: They will get dirty. Bummer. But. This birthday was epic so I do not regret anything.

Then I basically grabbed anything I could find around the house that was cute like Sailor Moon Pop dolls, a glitter lamp, fake candles. Popped on some lo-fi Hip Hop on the screen. Also set up some fun things for us to do as well...


The entrance is an experience in itself! But I made sure to have snacks, pizza and drinks on deck!

After entering and posting and drinking and opening gifts (cause I can never wait), I had set up a Nintendo 64 section. So we all played the original Mario Kart and Smash Bros for a little bit. I only had two controllers but I found two more after market controllers on Amazon.

Then my besties had a surprise gift! They forced me to stay in the tent while they made it. These cute alcoholic unicorn smoothies!!! Here is the final product! Definitely not for those who are lactose intolerant lol.

Afterwords we sang Happy Birthday, performed some karaoke, and did Tarot card readings. I 10000000% recommend flameless candles in the tent. It gets really hot in there. Also I am sure it is a safety hazard. I had both but learned my lesson just with the heat.

To be honest, I forget what else we did lol we had so much fun! We had waffles and mimosas for breakfast the next day.
Hope you enjoyed this fun party idea! Left this fort up for two solid months lol. Was so epic. Please comment below if you would like any other tips!

XO Starlight