Why hasn't The Sims had a mall expansion pack yet?

Anywho! I went ahead and built a Japanese inspired mall! Fully equipped with restaurants, food courts, separate cat and hamster cafes, a 7-Eleven inspired market, karaoke rooms, a nightclub, a bowling alley, and an arcade. Is it fully functional? Not in one mode... hint hint Maxis you should jump on this ! ;)


Let's take a look inside shall we?! Yes, I did use multiple expansion packs and diiiid use the move objects cheat a bit lol But you gotta do what you gotta do to get things done!!

This lot is currently set to "retail." I originally set it to "restaurant" and it was a disaster lol. Hosts were taking people to the basement to eat instead of in the actual restaurants. It has a main court lounge, several public restrooms. An outdoor stage and a few vendor tables outside.


On the main floor, there are two restaurants inspired by two I have actually went to in Japantown, San Francisco. Each restaurant is adorned with awnings, and their own kitchens. One restaurant is seafood themed and has a special window display. The other is a bit fancier with a bar and hot pot tables. *These do not work well in restaurant mode for some reason in a multi-story mall. I hope Maxis adds the multi theme option in the future to where this mall will be fully functional. Generic mode didn't work either. If you have any ideas please let me know in the comments!


When visiting Japan, I noticed that 7-Eleven is a staple. That is why I decided to try and make a Sims version of a 7-Eleven. There are currently no signs in the game that match actual 7-Elevens, so I tried to incorporate the orange-green-red color theme on the outside. Inside there are shelving units with sellable items like tea and laundry detergent. There are also some drink machines and fridges. There is also a magazine rack and some flower options. I wish there was a hot food table display in The Sims, but currently there is not. So I placed a skewer food picture by the cash registers.


This cat cafe has basically almost every cat themed decoration in The Sims 4 lol! Unfortunately you will have to bring your own cat lol but hey, why not?


This is one of my favorites. It is a bit narrow, but it is pretty stylish. You can make all of the figurines for sale. There is also a comic book reading corner, as well as a secret bookcase door that leads to a single gaming table in a sketchy room.


The second floor main room overlooks the first floor common area. I designed and created retail stores, a hamster cafe, a massage spa, and a bakery. Check it out! I tried to include an Elevator in addition to the stairs, but in live mode- it only works as a drop off site.


This cafe turned out way more functional than the cat cafe. Each hamster cafe has an actual hamster. In live mode, don't forget to take care of them! There is also a massive hamster toy that sometimes cpu characters play with.


Every good mall offers massages. In the first upload to the gallery, I had included an onsen. But in the updated version, I removed it because I could never get it to actually function lol. Pics below of the original onsen.








In order to make the food court functional, you will need to click on each and pay for a vendor in live mode.



This night club has a special entrance that includes plenty of photo ops. There is a large bar as well as VIP tables that have bottle service. When you first play the nightclub in live mode, you will need to set each special effects machine (they are over the dance floor) to your preferred effect. In the second photo, you will see them working on the bubbles setting! Super cute.

There you have it! If anyone has any requests or ideas, I would be happy to make more updated versions. Will definitely update it as the expansions expand lol.

Here is where to find it and download it in gallery mode:

Hope you enjoyed this mall! It took me about two weeks to make outside of my job.


xo Starlight