Hola party people!!!!!
You are taking the plunge and going pink! Either you went to a stylist or dyed your hair pink at home. Here you will find a list of products to help maintain that pink hair!

No matter what, it is best to have your hair bleached by a professional.

Do you need to have your hair dyed pink by a professional - no. But the bleaching is important. Bleach damages hair, so always assume the worst when working with it. Bleaching and then toning the hair to pink will be healthier on your hair than a box dye kit like Splat. Splat works, but there will be more damage to your hair. Either way let's cover the products you need for hair washing and avoiding the hair stylist for as long as possible between bleach touch ups. lol


Is it possible? Is it a pain in the a$$? Yes lol. Is it that hard? Not exactly. *** But full disclaimer, the pink will rarely be the same each time you tone it, and it will rarely stay the same after a wash. ***


Let's talk toners. I have gone to two different stylists to tone my hair. One used Redken, another used Pulp Riot. Both achieved a similar effect. Note: these will appear brighter on freshly bleached hair. So each time, I tended to have hot pink roots at first like this picture below. If you need to fix your roots, use dandruff shampoo on the roots only. Dandruff shampoo is a nifty tool to help remove some toning color from your hair. But also, it kills color lol so use it wisely.

Hot pink roots from initial toning

But I didn't want to keep going back to my hair dresser unless I needed to bleach my roots. Thus, I dived into the at home process. One of the makeup/hair artists I follow, Lolaliner, posted this great video that honestly helped me a lot. Not many beauty geeks like the maker of Arctic Fox, but it really does work.

So I bought it and tried it out, fyi it smells amazing! As Lolaliner mentions, mix it in a bowl first until it looks like the tone you would like your hair to turn out. So for my hair, I used a mix of the Virgin Pink and Girls Night (purple). I did purchase the diluter at first, but after having it be a mission to order, I started just using conditioner as the diluter and it really does work. You don't need gloves unless you have a light colored manicure. Please don't forget that there is an expiration date on these toners. They are vegan and cruelty free. And did I mention they smell amazing? lol

Hair toning tip #1: Make sure your bleached hair is not yellow or brassy. Make sure your hair is first toned to an ash or cool toned blonde right when/after you have it bleached. If you do not have the blonde toned prior to, this will make the pink more golden.

Hair toning tip #2: It really does help to put it on your hair dry or only slightly damp.  

Hair toning tip #3: Use coldddddd water to rinse. Hot water can actually remove color from your hair. Try to keep it cold every time you wash as well.

Hair toning tip #4: Hair toner is not enough, you actually do need a special shampoo or conditioner with a similar color tint to help maintain the hair. This will help you have pink hair for over a month.

Hair toning top #5: Some water sources may actually affect your hair color, so if you have the extra money, it is worth investing in a shower head filter.

Hair toning tip #6: The sun kills hair toner color. It can literally within an hour or two fade out, so I recommend wearing a hat!

Upkeep with Shampoos/Conditioners

When I first started playing with my hair color, I had to go through a few hair stylists because not many were as experienced. In the beginning, I was recommended to just use color safe shampoo. But this unfortunately does not help your hair stay pink. I was recommended this product, and it is legit my holy grail for pink hair upkeep!

The naming of shades may not be exact, but rose gold helped me keep my preferred tone of mauve pink. I usually start with this when washing my hair while adding a few drops of these purple toning drops.

Then I would condition my hair with Olaplex, adding another small pump of pink. Is it too much conditioner? For me personally no, because the bleaching process really dries out my hair. Can you use hair masks? Yes, it actually will not really affect your hair color as long as you use cold water for rinsing. If you are paranoid, you can of course do another pump of pink while rinsing lol I have done this before.


Following these steps really helps me maintain pink hair without trips to the stylist for upkeep. I have tried Viral colorwash, and it really doesn't work as good and it makes my hair suuuper dry. The clenditioner keeps my hair soft, I put that sh** on everythannnng. Try to skip washes to every three days, and use dry shampoo if you need to. My favorite drugstore dry shampoo is Batiste, you can find different scents to your liking.

Have fun out there!!

*My friend Karol has used overtone for lavender hair. I have yet to try it for pink but I will keep you guys updated!

XO Starlight